Blackblood and the Cover Committee

27 January 2013


I’ve just finished this commission of General Blackblood.
When I started working on it I had to do an image search to remind myself of what he looked like – I had a fair idea but I needed to check the details (well, it was a long time ago) – and a cover image came up that reminded me of just how fallible we are.
When I was a regular on 2000AD I got to draw quite a few covers. Sometimes I would be supplied with a rough and at other times I would be left to my own devices, but on one occasion I was invited to the office for a meeting to discuss a cover that would feature General Blackblood.
I had already drawn the ABC Warriors episode in question so, nothing loathe, and despite the fact that I would lose half a day’s work and have to pay train fare to boot, but also feeling excited and flattered, along I went.
Well, we all said our piece, a conclusion was reached, and we all went off to do our various bits.
And here it is, and a right dog’s breakfast we made of it and no mistake. There’s far too much going on, and it’s made even worse by the individual elements being so clumsy – there’s me using Pantone markers on Bristol Board and coming unstuck, and compounding the error with all that pink, then we have those horrible pasted in floating ABC Warriors (one of which isn’t even the right one), that gigantic topline, and the shoehorned logo.
They certainly don’t make ’em like that anymore…


5 Responses to “Blackblood and the Cover Committee”

  1. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this one finished! The posture and lighting are perfect! It would be cool to see these collected in a high quality print hard back. Just the 2000AD ones to make it easier for copyright. I know it’s probably a non starter, but still a nice idea.

  2. Steev T-H Says:

    Hah! I remember that cover well- I’d “taken a break from 2000AD” at the time and it was this one that brought me back. So it worked!

  3. Simon Fraser Says:

    I can not only remember this cover, but I remember the moment that the Postie handed it over to me ( I was 10 ). I could not have been more excited.
    Intellectually I know that this cover is a bit of a dogs dinner, BUT in my heart this is one of the GREATEST COVERS EVER!
    I hope they bought you lunch at least.

  4. Maybe it’s a dogs-breakfast but I like it, it’s rrruff and ready & gets my tail wagging. Better that than too polished.

    Hmmm…vague recollection of lapping up muesli from a bowl on the kitchen floor this morning. What can it mea- oh no.

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