More Fat City

5 February 2013

Not able to work the last couple of days but I have managed to start sorting out my boxes of original art, preparatory sketches, doodles and the like.
I’ve come across this test page from my foray into Batman Black and White. Editor Mark Chiarello had wanted me to do the art ‘the old fashioned way’, and none of your computer malarkey, and so I gave it a go.
It’s a shame I lost my nerve as a couple of these panels are okay- I’m surprised at how much I actually like the shot of Batman running to the Batmobile (despite his rather dubious left leg). And I’m quite taken with the drawing of Batman’s face in panel seven.
But on the other hand, ladies and gentlemen, I give you panels three, four, and six…


3 Responses to “More Fat City”

  1. Slightly surprised you had to do a sample page. I finally got this comic and think it’s terrific stuff! Btw whilst you are rummaging in your boxes – any Last American layouts/sketches in them?


  2. No chance they’ll turn up like Richard’s head then .. sigh

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