Jim Lee, and Grunge versus Threshold plus bonus Grunge

6 February 2013

Believe it or not, I have a link with Jim Lee! This is a trading card I drew for the first Gen¹³ set. Still not sure why they asked me, I would have thought that my work at the time would have been totally at odds with the Wildstorm universe.
I was underwhelmed by the result, and still am. Once again the expression ‘he says it, but he doesn’t mean it’ comes to mind. And thinking about it now, it does seem unfair that I should get this job instead of the artists who worked on these characters at the coal face. But the money…



2 Responses to “Jim Lee, and Grunge versus Threshold plus bonus Grunge”

  1. A friend once sent me a copy of Youngblood ( I think it was) – I was horrified until I found it contained some great Mike Mignola art as a back up. Similarily I’d of been overjoyed to find your art in a copy of Gen 13 Mick !

  2. It is really interesting to see such a radically different take on these characters. I’ve only read a handful of issues of Gen 13, but it seems that you captured Grunge’s personality with his pose and facial expressions.

    This reminds me of how in the mid-1990s Dave Cockrum was asked to draw the artwork for a couple of Spawn trading cards. Now obviously Cockrum’s style is very different from McFarlane or Capullo, but his two pieces were actually quite cool. Besides, I’m much more of a fan of Cockrum than McFarlane :)

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