Judge Dredd and Satanus

12 February 2013

And speaking of Dredd, I finally got around to watching the excellent Dredd movie.
Also saw Judge Minty, that’s good too!


6 Responses to “Judge Dredd and Satanus”

  1. Superb! I’ve been looking forward to seeing this one finished.

    Thanks for the Judge Minty name check as well!

  2. OMG – just the best!


  3. Mark Perry Says:

    Oh my Grud!!! I couldn’t be happier with this page. Looking forward to seeing your next posts too.

  4. ghostof82 Says:

    Fantastic. Makes me nostalgic for the early b&w days of 2000AD.

  5. David Rees Says:

    To be fair, there’s still a lot of great B&W work in 2000AD these days. One of the best things of the anthology format is the room to maneuver and allow some breathing space to strips that benefit from absence of colour; Low Life and Stickleback immediately spring to mind, but there are a lot of others.

    Anyway – another great bit of work, Mick! The more I look at it, the more I like it.

  6. Lee Gracie Says:

    Love to see you draw Judge Dredd storys again

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