Dredd in the Cursed Earth

20 February 2013

Is it ‘cur-sed’ or ‘curssed’? It’s not quite up there with the Sub-Mariner brouhaha, but still important nonetheless!

Dredd in the Cursed Earth

12 Responses to “Dredd in the Cursed Earth”

  1. Simon Penter Says:

    Geez, that’s really nice Mick. I love the inking on this. I am envious of the contrast that you are achieving with the heavy shadow areas in your recent commissions. Think I’m far too precious in my own work when it comes to obscuring something i have just spent hours drawing in areas of heavy shadow!
    I bought a couple of you last Dredd strip pagescoff you a few years ago, but when I’ve got the cash I will try my best to put it your way for a commission as i think these recent pictures are outstanding!

    • Martin B Says:

      Also Simon, I like your Dredd pages on your site. They show a lot of influence from and tribute to Mick. Cool chunky stuff.

  2. David Rees Says:

    No doubt about it – the best yet. Great choice of scene, great composition, and chock full of lovely details. Hard to imagine this one looking any better, Mick.

  3. opipop Says:

    Superb…and I think it os the best yet. Rebellion should create a line of posters of various classic moments like this.

  4. Always gone with Curse-ed myself, but mainly because it sounded more impressive when I was reading the graphic novel to my cat.

  5. Russ Cook Says:

    Beautiful work, Mick. Great to see fresh Dredd from you.

  6. wiggz@aegypta.demon.co.uk Says:

    I’ve read somewhere that it is curse-ed Earth.

    My cat loves most things – including the sock fluff on the carpet.

    …and my windows shut-down key…

  7. Martin B Says:

    “Curssed”, for me and I was enamoured with the Curssed Earth Mili-Droids. Hunched and crumpled and rusty mech-zombs.
    I have some of the original pages from the first episode of Cursed Earth, (the first long tale), pgs 4-6, bought for $15 each!!!!!. “Tooty Fruity!”
    I just kick myself still for not getting all of them and the 4 cover poster with Dredd on Bike, (and more of your work when I could have), from Comic Showcase.
    This is great work and I can’t deny I like seeing more of the old style creeping back in.

  8. Iain Says:

    As you know Mick, im over the moon with this! I cant see how this could have turned out any better. Thank you.

    I’ll echo the sentiment that its been a joy seeing ALL these commissions pop up on here. And still some great looking ones yet to come!

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