Mean Machine Angel

24 February 2013

I still laugh when I think of the Angel Gang, yet more great characters from John Wagner and Alan Grant. I’ll never forget having to draw a man hung up in a wardrobe with a coat hangar in his mouth.


5 Responses to “Mean Machine Angel”

  1. Chris Wood Says:

    But how much of their look was down to you? Did Messrs Wagner and Grant just say “draw us some baddies”, or were they a bit more specific? They’re all such brilliant designs! Love the way they killed ’em all off after a couple of episodes, as well (even if they did keep coming back later on). I re-read the story recently and the “Old Joe Blind” stuff seems much more grim now than it did when I was 12!

    • mick mcmahon Says:

      John and Alan didn’t go into any detail that wasn’t specific to what the character would do in the story, that would be left to the artist. In the case of Mean he had to have a metal head with a dial on it and a robotic arm with a claw, after that you’re on your own. And yes, Old Joe Blind is certainly grim stuff!

      • Chris Wood Says:

        Well, they must’ve been pretty chuffed when they saw what you’d done with their brief description! I always loved the exchange between Link and Mean where Mean says “He blew my arm off! Lucky it was only my REAL one!”

  2. opipop Says:

    Old Joe…jeez, that was harsh. Absolutely brilliant hammer-point* of the story…

    …and, sir, that wouldn’t happen to be a ‘thumbnail’ sketch by any chance?

    *I don’t know what that means either, it just seemed to fit.

  3. Mark Perry Says:

    I thought the Angel Gang were one of your finest creations in my opinion. Oh and the monkey guy with the tartan flatcap who tried to extort money from Dredd, another fine choice of hat wear.

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