Starter for Ten: How can I fit the ABC Warriors into this picture?

28 February 2013

I have a feeling I’ll have to start this again, but doubtless I’ll while away an hour or two before I finally concede defeat.


12 Responses to “Starter for Ten: How can I fit the ABC Warriors into this picture?”

  1. David Rees Says:

    Well, you could have them huddled in a group off to the right, as the target of Nemesis’ fireball (or are they acid-balls, I forget). Otherwise, yes – it’s going to be tricky. Great pic, though!

  2. If only the format was landscape …

  3. I’d stick them either side of Nemesis in the background all in profile facing to same way as Nemesis in Beserker mode firing towards some unseen foe. ..incidentally, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you draw Nemesis. It’ll be nice to see the inked version.

    • mick mcmahon Says:

      That’s a good idea, I’ll try that – this is the sort of thing I miss about working in a studio, you can get someone else to do your job for you!
      I don’t usually do commissions of characters I’ve not drawn before but I couldn’t resist this one, easily my favourite character from 2000AD.

  4. Mark Spencer Says:

    You did draw the Blitzspear on the cover of ‘The Best of 2000AD’ so I think you can probably get away with it! This is stunning sketch – you could also, maybe, have the ABCs hoving into view on the horizon ready to join the fray!

  5. Martin B Says:

    Create a triptych, (spelling?). That would be classic! He could be lower but otherwise a great pose.

  6. Cool! My teenage self is now giggling excitedly at the thought that he has contributed in some small way to a Mick McMahon masterpiece!

  7. Mark Perry Says:

    You could draw a hill in the background with them coming over the top with just the top of them coming over the horizon. Tough one though.

  8. Ben Heywood Says:

    I’m with Adrian; maybe landscape would work? Or perhaps the ABCs coming up from below? The Big Nem ascending the mound of skulls, fireballing (acidballing, whatever) in victory, with the robots trudging up behind him (it)? Nemesis is such a tricky character to draw, the legs, head, with cloak/without cloak etc; which is what makes it (him) such a great character in the first place. Really looking forward to this one….!

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