Judges Anderson, Dredd, and Death

6 March 2013


13 Responses to “Judges Anderson, Dredd, and Death”

  1. stu jennett Says:

    Tremendous !!!!!!

  2. simon penter Says:

    That’s lovely Mick. You are making an aging Dredd fan very happy. Your inking here is really excellent. great contrast and shadow work. Second only to your recent cursed earth picture , and that is in no way intended as an insult as that is one of my favourite pictures of Dredd in the last twenty years!

  3. Martin Says:

    That’s one of the best Dredd images I’ve ever seen… amazing.

  4. Iain Says:

    Oh my….
    Pretty darn amazing commission piece, this.

    And really nice to see the Lawgiver MK1 in action again – a large part of me wishes theyd bring these back!

  5. Martin B Says:

    Really loving these latest images. So strong and brilliantly composed.

  6. Martin B Says:

    Would love to see you try using dip pen and brush again. Hint, Hint!!

  7. Just utterly, utterly brilliant.

  8. mick mcmahon Says:

    Thanks everybody! There’s a few iffy bits but not a bad effort, I reckon :)

  9. That’s a great one, Mickey!

  10. nulsh Says:

    That’s fantastic Mick! Worked out extremely well!

  11. Coincidentally, I actually held this drawing in my hands the other day. It is, indeed, great!

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