Pencil Dredd

13 March 2013

This was a commission based on the last panel of the Cursed Earth story, as Dredd prepares to board a flight from Mega-City Two back to Mega-City One.
I’ve spent years wondering about this, because I thought that such a flight was impossible due to the flying rocks that fill the skies over the wastelands between the two cities, and were the reason for Dredd’s overland trek in the first place, but I’ve just looked it up and it seems to have hinged on the airports at Mega-City two being overrun with mutants (or something).
Just as well, as I’d forgotten all about drawing the rocks into the background pretty early on in the piece anyway, doubtless out of guilt at the cack-handed way I’d drawn the episodes where the rocks are infested with mutant rats. Fur!


7 Responses to “Pencil Dredd”

  1. Iain Says:

    Mutant rat infested flying rocks? Simply glorious! The so called Cursed Earth ‘death belt’ made no sense whatsoever, but thats ok! All part of the fun :-)

  2. Tim Spillane Says:

    Hi Mick,
    Fantastic Dredd as usual, what happened those doodle pages? They were inspirational!

  3. timstbs Says:

    Cringing? Yeah,it’s scary putting yourself out there but you have no idea how inspiring you have been to people like me. Anyone remember Judge Dredd annual 1982!

  4. timstbs Says:

    Okay, slightly p”£%ed happy St.Patrick’s Day from Waterford Irl…all comments still valid!

  5. timstbs Says:

    Wow! Sorry about that, I won’t leave any more messages. I am so not a fanboy type but I do consider you the comic artist genius. Maybe Mike Mignola should have mentioned you as an influence?

  6. nulsh Says:

    Slightly unrelated – but no less cool. Saw you got a nice mention in yesterday’s Observer! Was havin’ lunch with my missus (and the Sunday papers) in local boozer – and when I saw it I shouted out “Mick!”. World domination looms!

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