Enter the Fink

9 April 2013

Just nicked this from Drokk and Stomm.
I have no memory of drawing this at all, which is all the more annoying because I like it a lot, especially Ratty’s tail.
I’m assuming the background was originally white, which I’m sure wouldn’t work half as well as that creamy weathered look.

Enter the Fink

15 Responses to “Enter the Fink”

  1. David Rees Says:

    Heh, that’s great. On the basis of that memory gap, maybe the covers linked below have also fallen down the side of your brain-sofa? They’re all from around the same time…

  2. nulsh Says:

    Kinda’ liking it myself. Great striking image.

  3. nulsh Says:

    Really nice image Mick!
    Sorry if I’ve posted twice I’m on the move.
    Any drug addled explanation as to the memory loss for this drawing?

  4. wineinkblog Says:

    He looks like he’s had a good meal, perhaps a younger Fink. I saw something of yours the other day that really surprised me because I never thought I was one of the kids that drew out copies artists pictures, preferring to just draw my own thing. But I saw a picture of Fink and suddenly recalled slavishly making a copy with W&N Indian inks in like 1982 or something on my kitchen table, that and one by Jesus Casanovas (?). This may have been encouraged by a demo (I think) you did for one of the early annuals, showing how to apply pencils, ink etc.

  5. Pete Wells Says:

    I think that’s the first time you’ve been positive about your work, hurrah! I adored this cover too, everything is just perfect on it!

    You did a lovely run of covers on ‘The Complete Judge Dredd’ you can see ’em here: http://www.2000ad.org/?zone=covers&page=artist&choice=mikem&Comic=reprints

  6. Hi Mick,
    You’ve made my day by posting my aged(but much-loved!)copy of CJD18 and have to agree about it’s total awesomeness!
    I have actually just taken over as the official 2000AD Tumblrdroid and find your blog invaluable-if there’s anything you’d like us to put up,I’d be honoured to post it.
    Thanks so much
    Jim of Drokk & Stomm and 2000adonline.tumblr.com

  7. I have a postcard size version on my studio wall. I think from a Megazine giveaway maybe? Anyway it’s brilliant.

  8. Ben Dickson Says:

    I’m pretty sure I had a copy of this! Excellent work, I’m also really fond of your Block Mania cover from around that time.

  9. shane Says:

    one thing i really love about your work Mick is the constant evolution of styles, i cant think of any other 2000ad artist whos work has changed so much and always been brilliant !

  10. Oliver Says:

    Old-time, long-ago (1979-89) reader of ‘2000AD’ here. Always was a fan of this character and your style — his particular pose brings to mind, all of a sudden, Jack Kirby’s similarly-stylised ‘Madbomb!’ cover for Captain America.

  11. br1ndle Says:

    Love the FINK one. Really strong.

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