Surely there should be more legs?

23 October 2013

Maybe it could be argued that the zombie at the back never had any legs, and that Hellboy’s right leg is obscured by the zombie in the foreground, but I’m not sure it’s an argument you’d win…
Whatever, my roughs, pencils, and inks, and Dave Stewart’s colouring, for the cover of Dark Horse Presents #32.







Hellboy logo added to the above by Kevin Foakes.

10 Responses to “Surely there should be more legs?”

  1. Martin Buckingham Says:

    It’s GREAT and Dave’s colours really bring it out!

  2. Oh boy! This looks like a match made in heaven!

  3. Derek Mantle Says:

    Great piece of art.
    I really love that the front conquistador zombie has just spotted us looking at him and is getting ready to swing at us.
    Also I think Hellboy has sliced the background Zombie’s legs off. We wouldn’t have noticed anyway as the two focus points are really strong.
    Thank you Mick.

  4. Iain Says:

    Simply glorious!

  5. Timothy Keable Says:

    This Rocks!

  6. Derek Gray Says:

    How many pages does each episode run to?

  7. nulsh Says:

    Aw man. This is excellent. Been gagging to see yer’ Hellboy. Looks mighty fine.
    Good to see the roughs through to inks too.
    Dude did a nice colouring job too.

  8. John Smith Says:

    I love seeing the rough through to final art stages.

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