Collector’s Edge cards

31 January 2014

Here are four of the cards I drew for the Judge Dredd trading card set published by Collector’s edge in 1995. I’m not sure how many I drew in total, no more than eight anyway.
When I made these my confidence was at an all time low, hence my hazy memory, but now that I am a grown up I can see a lot to like in them, especially the Fink and Ratty pic (even if the Fink seems to be a tad overweight). As discussed in a previous post, the poor quality watercolour paper for the Judge Hershey card didn’t lighten the mood.
And although I may have had a struggle to create them, this was more than offset by a very good rate of pay – every cloud and that!





8 Responses to “Collector’s Edge cards”

  1. M Spencer Says:

    I think they’re wonderful Mick and I’m the proud (and relieved after our chat) owner of two of them. You also did a Dredd and a Mean Machine that I know the whereabouts of if you’d like me to get you scans…

    • mick mcmahon Says:

      Thanks Mark, that would be very kind of you. I think there was also a Satanus, plus a Spikes and Tweak. I’m certain that the Judge Dredd drawing was used as a bonus picture that was part-printed on the reverse of the other cards, you had to have all the cards to see the full image.
      Also, I’m wondering what that Hammerstein pic has got to do with anything!

      • Iain Says:

        Gorgeous pieces, these Mick.

        Seeing these first hand, they are most impressive indeed.

        In regards to the Hammerstein image, it was probably commissioned because it featured in the Stallone Judge Dredd film (I think….) and the first card set used a lot of photos from that film, along side the original art.

        Doing a quick check of the two card sets, it would seem a total of 12 pieces was drawn by you, and yes there was a Dredd piece that was printed on the reverse of nine cards, so you needed to get all those to see the full image.

  2. Mark Perry Says:

    Great set of cards they were, I think possibly Brian and Carlos may have done some original pieces for Edge also.
    You did more than 8 I believe, The Kleggs, Fergie, Angel Family and Spikes &Tweak were also fine pieces and good to see in colour.

  3. These are very cool. I really like them a lot. It is often said that artists are their own harshest critics.

  4. Quite brilliant as always Mr McMahon. Haven’t seen these before, and think they’re really beautiful drawing – love the Dredd and Sagbelly card. Really would love to see you doing more Dredd – the recent commission drawings are astonishingly good. Still inspirational after all these years, but am so glad to see how deservedly appreciated you are by the people posting responses here. You and Brian Bolland were the reasons I wanted to draw comics when I was younger, and you’re one of the few people whose work still excites and inspires me now.

  5. Oliver Says:

    Oh heck, Dredd vs Sagbelly..! Does that bring back some memories (“No, no, not the toad!”). Always good to see more Fink from you too.

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