More cards

1 February 2014

It would seem that I may have drawn twelve of these cards. Here are six more, courtesy of our diligent correspondents Mark Spencer and Adrian Salmon.
I know one of the missing cards is a drawing of Satanus, no idea what the other one might be.







Following a deluge of emails (well, four) it transpires that this set consisted of thirteen drawings in total – twelve chase cards plus the Judge Dredd figure. When the chase cards were assembled into a four by three block, the Judge Dredd drawing was revealed on the reverse. The two missing images are of Satanus v Dredd and Mean Machine Angel v Dredd (That’s enough about cards. Ed.)

2 Responses to “More cards”

  1. I’ve got the other two, it is Satanus and one where Mean’s fighting Dredd. Drop us a line and I’ll e-mail you a couple of scans.

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