Anderson, Death, and yet more Bones

3 April 2014


5 Responses to “Anderson, Death, and yet more Bones”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hi Mick, I’m one of the many who found your work through 2000ad and Doctor Who comic in the 70s and 80s, and you’ll always be a favourite of mine. My friend Ian and I spent long hours after school poring over your work and trying to develop our own “big boots, scruffy shading” cartoon styles. In fact, we thought we were on our own, but looking at the legions of fans you have on here, obviously not! I was just wondering, you only ever seem to post commissions on here – do you still contribute to comics? Or have you taken early retirement? I don’t actually buy comics any more (although I still like to draw), but if you are being published it would be nice to track them down, for old times’ sake. Thanks for giving that nerdy teenager back in 1983 so much wonder and enjoyment!

  2. david gardom Says:

    Wow!! All of these commissions have been stunning but this is my favourite. The composition, the line work, the use of shade, all the work of a true master.

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