US Pilgrim and Charlie

6 April 2014


12 Responses to “US Pilgrim and Charlie”

  1. Martin Buckingham Says:

    Coolio, great comp.

  2. Bob Says:

    thanks for share of these works

  3. mick mcmahon Says:

    Thanks, everybody.

    • Peter Whitehead Says:

      Mike, you always pack so much narrative into your images… have you ever been tempted to write anything yourself?

      • mick mcmahon Says:

        I’ve always managed to resist the urge, given that there’s already enough artists masquerading as writers without me joining in.

  4. Peter Whitehead Says:

    Ahhh well, perhaps one day! Many thanks for your reply.

  5. nulsh Says:

    Woah! How’d I miss this? Excellent work Mick.

  6. Martin Currie Says:

    This ones been up for quite a while, you alright Mick? Hoping you’re just busy.

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