Did the usual banging and crashing about until I became a regular contributor to 2000AD starting with issue two. I drew several characters for the comic, most notably Judge Dredd, Slaine, and the ABC Warriors. And Superbean, of course.

Sought pastures new in the mid-eighties.

The Last American, written with aplomb by John Wagner and Alan Grant, was probably my only work that troubled the scorers during my brief flirtations with Marvel Comics and DC Comics, though I did enjoy my work on Alien Legion and Batman Black and White, the latter being my only foray into writing (performed under the benevolent eye of Mister Gibbons).

My favourite out of all my comics work is the relatively obscure Decap Attack in the British weekly Sonic the Comic, Nigel Kitching and Richard Piers Rayner scripting, but I have high hopes for Kestrels, an upcoming series of graphic novels in collaboration with Ben Dickson.

Along the way I have also dabbled in designing for films and video games, and for a few years I even had several ‘proper’ jobs working in game studios. Most recently I have been doing concept work and storyboards for Mister Wheatley’s forthcoming feature Freakshift.