Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Video Production To Promote Your Business

There are various video sharing websites that allow people to easily upload and host their videos online. The hosting websites are easy to use provides easy access and good connection speeds. The popular websites with video sharing features include YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion, Live Leak, Vubu, Viewster and u stream and more. The fact that the websites are popular makes them ideal and trusted places where more visitors are likely to visit.

Benefits of using video production

  • A video production service is customized and enhanced for video hosting, have better video processing power, great bandwidths and more video production features that makes them fast, reliable and accessible irrespective of the amount of traffic. This is not possible on one's website or may require a huge investment in terms of servers and bandwidth cost.
  • Supports different formats and one does not have to do conversions which may affect the quality of the video.
  • The popularity of the websites allows the videos to be shared and accessible to millions of viewers.
  • No technical knowledge is needed in order to make it possible.
  • The large exposure of the videos can help to promote a business or have the message reach a larger audience as opposed to using own website which might not be known by many people
  • There are no hosting charges basing it to have no cost. This may include sites such as the popular YouTube.
  • Sharing socially of the links promotes a greater audience
  • High quality baklinks to your website will promote your website, increase traffic and business.

Disadvantages of video production

There are however some disadvantages of hosting your videos on the video sharing websites and especially the free ones.

  • Advertisements appear alongside your video and you have not control of what advert that comes. If you are lucky, an advert related to your video subject may appear, the only problem is if it is coming from a competing product. On the other hand, the ad may be totally unrelated to the video and may cause a disconnect to the viewer and the product you are promoting or make the whole view unprofessional.
  • One may lose visitors or customers to competing or almost similar content and videos..
  • Comments made may have a negative impact.
  • Embedding of videos on other people’s websites is easy and is disadvantageous as they may pose as their own doings. Open embedding is quite unfortunate to originality.

Video production platforms are a necessity, some of the features of the video sharing websites include:

  1. YouTube which is the most popular with over one billion unique visitors per month. It offers control over channel page creation and has no restriction for own site’s embedding. However it promotes negative comments and has lots of advertisements.
  2. Met café has about 40 million users and can detect duplicate videos reducing the positioning of original content. There are advertisements and competing videos which might lead to fewer visitors to your video.
  3. Daily motion is a content video site that keeps a loyal group of visitors by having selective videos that are restricted. However there is a risk of e videos deletion.
  4. Vimeo enables hosting on one’s own site; its popularity is diverse due to its many creative features and high quality videos.