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23 July 2015

I have decided to close this blog. It will be deleted around the middle of September.
Thanks for looking, it’s been fun.


Complete Nuts and Bolts

10 July 2015

Yet another Ro-Busters compilation, but this time with a brand new cover by me.
The book will be published this October, although I made the drawing in April last year.
Here’s all the bits, plus the finished art.

The rough sketch:

The initial pencils:

The final pencils after some Photoshop stuff:

The final pencils after some Photoshop stuff but now with some sprockety wheels:

A colour test:

The final artwork:

Yet Another Dredd

6 March 2015

I think this was a commission from many years ago, based on this sketch.
I do still like this, it’s not that far off how I hoped it would turn out, and it’s always a challenge to draw a character dressed in black against a black background.
But I still prefer the sketch. As usual.


Epic Illustrated (almost, but not quite)

6 March 2015

In 1984 I asked editor Archie Goodwin if I could work for his Epic Illustrated magazine. Epic was a Marvel Comics fantasy/SF magazine, and was a big deal at the time.
I’d been a bit nervous about getting in touch with Archie, seeing as how he bestrode the industry like a colossus (well, he certainly did as far as I was concerned), but, being the gentleman he was, he couldn’t have done more to put me at my ease, and offered to write a script for me himself. Nirvana!
I never did draw Archie’s script (it coincided with my long term mystery illness), but I did draw these characters for him while I was waiting for it.

Epic Illustrated


5 March 2015

Well, two Kleggs, anyway.
I remember that when I started this cover my main aim was to draw big Kleggs, and I certainly achieved that, but then I could find no room for Dredd, hence his rather inconsequential appearance bottom left.
In fact, I did so much faffing trying to get Dredd into the picture that I ran out of time, which explains his lack of kneepads and that ridiculous circle thingy where his gun should be.
Still like it, though.



3 March 2015

For a very short period in the early nineties I found myself drawing for Marvel Comics’ Hellraiser series. These books featured some of the best artists in the world, and I did feel a tad overwhelmed by it all, but I soldiered on.
The whole Clive Barker horror thing had passed me by, and now here I was convincing myself that it was all rather good, but, just as I was starting to get in the swing of it, the book was cancelled (I don’t think my being in the book was the root cause, but I don’t suppose it was much of a plus).
Whatever, my favourite pages from this sojourn were for Malcolm Smith’s story ‘This, I Saw’, and a handful of these pages are presented here. These scenes with the natives were great fun to do and I have fond memories of them, though looking at the pages here I have to admit to being baffled as to what’s going on in the final four panels on the third page, and the fourth panel on the first page does leave a lot to be desired – that hand!
These pages were drawn on cartridge paper and inked with Staedtler overhead projector pens, sizes small and medium, and coloured with Pantone Markers. White bits are in gouache.

This, I Saw_03

This, I Saw_01

This, I Saw_02

The Hungry Planet

27 February 2015

When I read this script my heart sank – how do you draw a living planet without it looking ridiculous? Sadly, I never found out.


Alien Legion Cover Uncovered

20 February 2015

This picture was changed somewhat when published, no doubt because I’d not left any room for a logo. Fool.
Here it is as intended:


And as published:

I think I prefer the published version. The background is a big improvement, and the way the colour has been muted to echo the background is a nice touch.
Just a shame about that fellow bottom right, I remember being rather pleased with his teeth.

Red and Green are Never Seen

19 February 2015

Oh yes they are.


Under the Moon of Love

18 February 2015

Leaving aside that incongruous texture in the sky and the abomination that is Dredd’s head – that blue on his hat, those weird shadows on his face – this is one of my favourites.
Those bone silhouttes behind Dredd’s right leg still make me feel good, it’s almost like they were done by a proper artist.


Steelhorn Ink

15 February 2015



13 February 2015


The Streets of Mega-City

11 February 2015

I’ll never forgive myself for this one – it looks like Dredd’s trousers are falling down. Nice badge, though. I was never really happy when it was decided that judge badges were yellow, but what can you do?