Why, Judge Dredd – what a big head!

4 December 2014

Here’s a cover from 1984 that I was really pleased with at the time, especially the monochrome(ish) block maniacs.
I drew this with Edding 55 markers on tracing paper, stuck it down with cowgum onto illustration board, and went at it. Tracing paper is great for inking, but rubbish for colouring – what a mess!
First thing I did, as with most of my Titan Books covers, was to dollop water all over it with a sponge, which made the linework run. Then another sponging, but this time with some sort of neutral colour, in this case a greeny grey. Then out with the Eddings again, to tighten up the drawing. And finally, to placate the inner fascist, a brush full of gouache to bring order from chaos.
Almost sounds like I knew what I was doing.


Inky Trees

2 December 2014



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29 September 2014


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23 September 2014


21 September 2014

Steelhorn, despite his being the seventh ABC Warrior, is a character that completely passed me by – when I came to draw him during the original 1979 ABC Warriors serial he had already been transformed into the Mess, a vacuum flask who never seemed to actually do anything, carried around by Mongrol.
I did eventually get to draw him in his original incarnation for the 2001 ABC Warriors story The Tripods, an episode from the ABC Warriors epic The Third Element.
A beautiful piece of character design, Steelhorn was originally created by Pat Mills and artist extraordinaire Brendan McCarthy.


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25 July 2014